Life Transitions


“Nothing endures but change”      -Heraclitus

Change … caused by the death of a loved one

   Change … caused by the birth or adoption of a child

       Change … because of a surgery or health diagnosis/issues

           Change…due to a move in residence

                Change …. Caused by a divorce


Change, Change, Change….. the list goes on and on.  We can help you through these transitional times by providing resources and solutions.

Does one of the following sounds familiar?

  • After all the flurry of activity surrounding the passing of a loved one has subsided, the surviving spouse is alone and often overwhelmed by all of “the little things” that they never did before: paying bills, managing healthcare, cooking, cleaning, time alone and the list goes on and on. It’s really almost too much to ask that they take it on right away and that’s where we step in to lend a hand.
  • You are caring for your parents, working and have your own family to care for and are having a tough time juggling all of the balls you have in the air.  You are taking vacation time to attend the increasing number of doctor’s appointments that need to be scheduled and have NO time for yourself.  Your siblings are trying to help out too, but don’t live nearby.  We can help…
  • You just had a baby and are EXHAUSTED and want to handle things on your own.  Well almost!  If someone could just run those errands for you, do some meal prep, perhaps a couple of loads of laundry and go grocery shopping it certainly would help!  We can do that for you!
  • A family member just got a health diagnosis or told they will need surgery that will require additional care – attending more appointments, a hospital stay, the ability to do less around their home – could be anything and everything.  You can’t always be there or be the one to do it …. We can help!

Our “Care For YOU” service is designed to help you or your loved one to get life back on track.  With compassion and with care, we will check the pulse of how things are going, do a needs assessment and put together an action plan to quickly help develop the skills or acquire the resources to manage life on their own or with some help. Sometimes you just don’t know where to turn or where to get the help you need … that’s where we come in!

Examples of what we can do for you…

  • Accompany you to appointments or stay by your bedside in the hospital
  • Assist in discharge planning
  • Help you get back on track after a surgery by doing things for you that you can’t do for yourself
  • Schedule and manage follow up appointments/care
  • Help you learn about your medical condition and necessary treatment
  • Facilitate communication among primary doctors and specialist/pharmacists
  • Help you navigate the insurance maze
  • Track paperwork and records
  • Help file health insurance claims and related forms and manage or reduce your hospital and medic al bills
  • Provide consistent communication to providers and family and ensure comprehensive treatment and follow up
  • Light housekeeping & lifestyle assistance such as cooking/cleaning dishes, laundry, meal prep, cleaning out and or restocking the refrigerator etc.
  • Letter writing/card preparation to stay connected with family and friends
  • Drop by services to ensure that medications are being taken as prescribed
  • Bill paying and research services
  • Insight on how one is functioning and make recommendations and acquire appropriate resources when necessary

Help is on the way! Just click here or phone us at 732.758.0409