Patient Advocacy


Get proper care and get cared for properly!  

Young or old, dealing with health care issues is time consuming, frustrating and let’s face it, nobody is really looking out for you other than yourself.  Imagine how tough it is to work through healthcare issues: the inability or embarrassment about articulating the problem – not fully understanding the options or just plain bewilderment over the complexity of the situation.  Staying on top of the issues is time consuming and often procrastinated.  Typically, the longer things aren’t addressed the bigger the issues become and often times, they become irresolvable as protocols aren’t followed and eligibility becomes a question.  Why put yourself in this position? We can help….

Here’s what you will get….

  • One person looking at the big picture – sharing information with referring doctors and family members
  • File claims – assist in selecting the right medical plan
  • Listen and question on behalf of the patient
  • Explain what was said and help determine and execute a plan for future care
  • Accompany the patient to the doctor’s office
  • Sit with patient in the hospital  providing  company/companionship when they most need it
  • Provide a presence to ensure that the patient is getting the proper attention…the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
  • Assist clients with failing health in lieu of out of town family/resources
  • Challenge denied claims when necessary and be the medical billing advocate

Help is on the way! Just click here or phone us at 732.758.0409