Senior Life Management


Getting older is inevitable and let’s face it, presents a whole new set of challenges. And that’s all they are: challenges, not insurmountable obstacles. Do you find yourself stressed worrying about your parents and frustrated because the time you spend with them is helping them deal with their lives rather than enjoying their company? Then you need us!

We’ll help free-up the time you’re spending running your parent’s lives so that you can do what you should be doing: having quality time with them and building more memories with them!

Maintaining independence IS an option. We provide “Peace of Mind Care” to help ensure loving, reliable and worry free in home assistance to elders who want to remain at home.

Peace of Mind Services

Our Personal Professional Assistants help provide the following peace of mind services:

 Health care: coordinating doctor visits and attending them with the patient and reporting back to the family and other health care providers with consistent communication and interpretation ensuring that comprehensive and accurate treatment takes place. Health care research, selection and coordination. Medication coordination. Bill research and payment.

  Advocacy: standing up for the patient with doctors, insurance companies, pharmacists, government agencies and other contracted service providers.

  Companionship and socialization –Being a friend in deed for someone in need.

   We can provide

  Home visits; motivation, friendship, happy conversations, help with hobbies and crafts, read aloud services and more! We can stand in for the family caregiver to give them a respite.

  Transportation to social outings, grocery store, pharmacy, post office, personal grooming appointments just to name a few!  We can also do your errands for you if you would like!

  Help in to simplifying ones’ lifestyles from de-cluttering the home to re-organizing schedules.

  “Fly Bys” where we stop by the home to be sure all is in order and to check to see what is needed!

  Light housekeeping & lifestyle assistance such as cooking/cleaning dishes, laundry, meal prep, cleaning out and or restocking the refrigerator etc.

  Letter writing/card preparation to stay connected with family and friends

  Drop by services to ensure that medications are being taken as prescribed

  Bill paying and research services

  Insight on how one is functioning and make recommendations and acquire appropriate resources when necessary.

  Does the Elder in your life still want to host and attend social functions?  Do they want to continue to entertain friends/family?  We can help with that too!

Help is on the way! Just click here or phone us at 732.758.0409