Individual Development


Do you have a high potential individual whose flaws keep them from doing their best? Do you have employees who you think need access to coaching and wisdom, but just don’t have the time to give it to them? We can help mentor your top employees to help them achieve their full potential in their current position or groom them to move up the ladder. We work with you and your employee to lay out the goals of the mentorship and the Rules of Engagement. We can help managers make the big decisions with confidence and closure. Don’t sweat the big stuff…alone that is!

We use our AAA Strategy to help bring employee performance to the next level:

  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the individual. Identify the changes that need to occur to improve productivity/success.
  • Articulate to the individual what needs to change and how to implement that change.
  • Activate: mentor the individual to ensure effective implantation of the change. Develop a work plan for improvement then follow-up to ensure follow through!

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